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Elon Musk and the legendary fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth at the Christmas Party hosted by VOW Founder, 2017

The Founding Team of VOW all have one important thing in common - they have hosted some legendary private parties at beautiful homes and exclusive venues where people of all walks of life have come together and had fun. From Hollywood to New Delhi, from Seoul to New York, some of the most fascinating and influential people have mingled and danced with each other, and in some cases have even sat in corners and come up with ideas that changed the world. VOW's parties and events are where the true Human connection takes place; where minds, hearts and bodies meet; where art and business merge; where magic is made. Below are just a handful of moments captured on camera in recent years at events hosted and produced by, or attended by VOW.

Nikhil Ra, Alexandra and Sean Parker

Halloween, New York City, 2010

Nikhil Ra, Friend and Sean Lennon

Gentle Monster Dinner Party, New York City, 2017

Kelly Osbourne & Jamie Hince

A Pajama Party, Los Angeles, 2017

Nikhil Ra and Jane Fonda

Backstage at the Women's March, Los Angeles, 2017

Ellen von Unwerth, Rami Malek, Nikhil Ra

Chateau Marmont, Academy Awards Party, Los Angeles 2017

Winklevoss Twins, Charlotte Taschen

Gentle Monster Dinner Party, New York City, 2017