Chief Officer, Legal Affairs, Compliance and Due Diligence, South East Asia

LLB Hons (Sheffield), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn), DLSA (UiTM)

Ahmad Rizal Abdul Aziz, a lawyer practicing since 1995, has been involved in nearly all aspects of the legal profession. He graduated with an LLB Bachelor of Laws at University of Sheffield, London and obtained a Degree in Utter Barrister at Lincoln’s Inn, London. He was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 1995. He also holds a Syariah practicing license in the Federal Territories.

Throughout his almost 20 years in practice, he has been involved in almost all areas of legal practice such as the following:-


He spent the majority of the first 7 years of his practice involved in civil litigation matters which includes both banking work and also general litigation.

His scope of work at this time included debt recovery and execution proceedings for panel banks and a wide variety of general litigation work involving breach of contract, construction matters, debt recovery, defamation, estate matters, Industrial Relations, land acquisition, trespass, negligence, breach of trust, mismanagement of business and/or funds, sale of goods and a variety of other matters which involved commencement of proceedings, defence work and also injunctive relief. He was also involved in arbitration matters involving construction disputes.

In 2008, he was counsel in a breach of contract/construction dispute between a Malaysian company and an Egyptian company for a mega-project in Saudi Arabia. While in 2011, he was counsel for a commercial dispute involving sale of software between a Malaysian company and an American company.

Throughout his practice, he was also advising clients on numerous issues from the litigation perspective which included case strategy, preparatory groundwork for litigation, risk, exposure to risk and also on steps to reduce such risk and exposure and methods to avoid litigation.

Industrial Relations (IR)

He has also been involved in IR matters including advising companies on numerous issues including appointment of employees, termination of employees, the right of employees and employer in the event of disputes, terms of employment contract, insubordination and counseling of employees with disciplinary issues. He has also represented both companies and employees in the IR court. He was involved in advising and preparing the termination of 28 employees of a public listed company.


In 2010, he entered the criminal defence area of practice and till to date has been involved as defence counsel in a variety of cases such as firearms, robbery, sexual crimes and drugs offences.

Corporate and Commercial

It was in this period he was introduced to corporate matters and drafted joint venture agreements (both incorporated and unincorporated), partnership agreements, teaming agreements, collaboration agreements and shareholders agreements and also to commercial agreements such as distributorship agreements, agency agreements, supply agreements, services agreements, sale of goods/product, and consultancy agreements amongst others.

In the period between 2006 and 2011 his scope of work included drafting commercial agreements involving entities from countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt and also Asian countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. It was in this period that he was also involved in the setting up of several JVs and collaborations for the oil & gas industry both locally and abroad.

He was also advising clients on issues arising from numerous provisions of the Companies Act 1956 and other related acts.


In the period from 2000 to 2007, he was actively involved in conveyancing matters having been tasked to handle the documentation for the sale of housing units in the Taman Sutera, Kajang housing project. In the meanwhile he was also handling land development projects, joint land development projects and sub-sale matters in involving a variety properties including houses, apartments, flats and lands.

Commercial banking

Also in this period he was exposed to commercial banking, handling the preparation of documents for a variety of financing facilities for Maybank, EXIM Bank and Bank Perindustrian which included both local and cross-border loans. He was also advising banks on numerous issues arising from the facilities including compliance, security, validity and potential exposure to litigation.


In 2010, he obtained his license to practice Syariah law in the Federal Territories and has been involved in several cases such as divorce matters, nafkah, polygamy and also custody disputes.


Affiliate, Singapore, VOW PPE

Dias has held roles in private banking, compliance, corporate advisory and participated as late stage investor in keynote tech companies such as Alibaba and Ants Group. He has over 10 years of experience in strategic business development in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. He is also an honorary committee member of several not for profit organizations which has a focus on arts, culture, entrepreneurship, with presence spanning multiple countries especially Singapore, Malaysia and China.


Boutique agency offering strategy, management consultancy, corporate structure and human capital development solutions

Team’s expertise spans hard assets, digital media, healthcare and public service enabling The Renasci to nurture and grow individuals and organisations through private equity and the agency’s in-house training methodology using the Enneagram

Based in Singapore and Europe, providing solutions in APAC and Europe

Current Featured Organisations:

Grand Renasci, a private offshore trust accumulating precious metals resources, blueprint intellectual property and rare artefacts including gemstones, artwork and antiques

Advisory for Blockbase, a central nexus and collaborative space for global change-makers to engage in advancing a holistic understanding of blockchain’s global impact in culture and society

Committee Member (Media and Productions) of Federation of World Cultural & Art Society (FOWCAAS) with network and members over 70 countries. A not-for profit society, registered with the Singapore

Professional Data

An experienced professional in multiple industries especially finance with the ability to solve complex problems for people across the wealth spectrum, SMEs and large organizations. I have worked with celebrities especially on backend productions and negotiations, C-level executives especially on decision making, entrepreneurs/business owners especially on business modelling/growth and exits, regulators especially on compliance and qualitative decision making, the common person on the street especially on self-help and skills-training, children and youth especially on teaching and counselling.

Specific Skill sets

Negotiations: Analysing and advising trade-offs, high-stakes negotiations/spotting brinkmanship, business development closing and settlements, multi-stakeholder dialogues up to international business

Dispute Resolutions: From private to legal settlements especially amongst business owners

Counselling: Putting my diploma in psychology to use, I volunteer at churchs and youth centers. During my time as incarcerations officer in military policing, I supervise detainees and their rehabilitation process during my time in national service.

Commercial Due Diligence: From using databases such as Thomson Reuters, Factiva and other forms of qualitative interviews, my first exposure to this comes from my time as a compliance executive in ABN private bank.

Corporate restructuring/insolvency: Invited to be part of the renowned team that has advised Hyflux and currently now on oil trading major company/family

Anti-money laundering/Compliance regulatory: From using databases such as Thomson Reuters, Factiva and other forms of qualitative interviews, my first exposure to this comes from my time as a compliance executive in ABN private bank.

B2B and B2C Business Development: In multiple industries such as precious metals, real estate, media, healthcare and education

Strategy/Thinking: 6 thinking hats, critical thinking, abstract thinking, metacognition, creative thinking, solving complex problems

Investigations: up to forensic investigations

Finance: Corporate finance including valuation techniques (such as DCF, Book value and weighted average), investment banking, trade finance, sensitivity analysis and financial modelling, venture capital

Public Relations and Backend media management: Co-produced a theatre show on 2016 that bring about $100,000 sales in the gala night and developed a full fledged media presentation pitchbook for a client who went on to win Festival of Media award and found seed funding of $500,000, amongst many other things.

In-depth experience working with entrepreneurs/serial entrepreneurs/venture builders: A comprehensive discussion can be made and a summary written notes can be provided.


Director, VOW PPE Retail / B2B Sales Campaign

Affiliate, United Kingdom, VOW PPE

Rhiannon Sussex was bought up in the historic fishing village of Leigh on Sea nestled on the mouth of the Thames Estuary, just a few miles east of London. Having acquired a real passion for design, Rhiannon headed to London in the early 80’s to study at The London College of Fashion, part of the prestigeous University of the Arts.

After graduating, Rhiannon started out working as a junior designer in the eyewear industry and not long after she and her partner, a newly qualified optometrist, opened one of the first boutique eyewear stores in London stocking for the first time in the UK some of the most exciting designer collections from around the world. She then went on to become the first distributer of these designer brands selling nationwide and helping to bring the UK eyewear industry kicking and screaming out of the restraints of the old NHS practices and into a new world of boutique, fashion eyewear.

Having seen the change in attitude towards cool new eyewear brands Rhiannon began designing a small bespoke collection of her own which she sold under the monica of Double O Eyewear. She was also an in house designer and consultant for the Modo eyewear brand based in New York.

By the late 90’s Rhiannon was running the European sales team for the US eyewear company The Optical Shop of Aspen where she was responsible for all European sales representatives as well as liaising with manufacturers from around the world including the US, Japan, Italy, France and Ireland.

After many great years in the eyewear industry Rhiannon decided it was time for a change and using her organisation and people skills she took her first position as a high level PA to a well known political journalist, concluding her time as a PA working for the British actor and comedian Russell Brand.

Rhiannon then moved on to music management, managing bands and travelling around Europe in tour buses! While continuing to manage bands she also added to her roster a film music composer and an up and coming female documentary director which took her to some of the most well known film festivals around the world.

This summer, in between lockdowns in the UK she was able to utilise her design skills by carrying out the interior design of a rock and roll hotel on the East coast of the Uk for a famous British Indie rock band.

At the start of 2021 and with much of the music and film industry’s on hold due to the global pandemic, Rhiannon has turned her focus back to the world of sales and specifically to the sale of various PPE products and Covid test kits, and is delighted to join founder and president Nikhil Sharma as part of his Visions of the World team taking on the role of PPE Campaign Director.

Sabastien Enges

Chief Sales Strategy Consultant

Affiliate, USA, Los Angeles, VOW PPE

Sabastian ran his first business at 11 years old, hiring friends to pick and sell blackberries to local restaurants. Like many entrepreneurs, he grew up chasing his ambition through a diversified career trajectory. Today, he is a successful Founder, Angel Investor and Performance Coach. And just as he did when he was a child, he continues to build a platform to help others build the life they want.

After completing college by the age most would have graduated high school, Sabastian moved to Seattle to recruit for Amazon. From there he relocated to California to work with startup looking to raise a seed round of funding; contributed to T-Mobile retail launch before consulting full-time in 2006.

In 2011, he founded Fenix Consulting Group to spearhead a strategic telecom campaign for AT&T. It resulted in major impact. They generated almost $40 million in lifetime value (LTV) and added over 4,000 accounts in the first year alone. To date, Sabastian has launched 27 Markets throughout the US, has generated hundreds of millions in lifetime revenue for his clients and added multiple Fortune 500 companies to the portfolio.

Throughout his career, Sabastian has remained dedicated to mentoring, coaching and creating opportunity for those around him. As he expands Fenix’s nationwide reach, his focus is to continually improve the company’s business model with an ever-increasing emphasis on the education and development of the 300+ teammates. At the end of the day, his coaching mantra is that: “If we can help people to think right, they will do right.”


Affiliate, Italy, VOW PPE

James Isaacs

Affiliate, Southwestern Region, USA

James Isaacs is a former United States Marine Corps Logistics Officer, who joined at 9/11, and turned ambitious entrepreneur in 2018.

Bringing his extensive knowledge and Global Operations experience of 15+ years to his business endeavors, James has been focused on sourcing, supplying, and facilitation of deals in the consumer goods, PPE, and commodities spaces since entering the business arena.

Prior to his service as a Marine, James worked on relief, development, and investment projects in Central America, Central Asia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa. His work was instrumental in providing emergency and long-term shelter for tens of thousands in dire conditions following wars, displacements, and natural disasters, as well as building thriving communities and creating jobs.

James speaks several languages, and enjoys adding more to his repertoire in his spare time. Currently based in the U.S. again, James is grateful to be back home after many years of service in different countries. He enjoys bending the ear of anyone who will listen to his many tales (which are completely true, although some minor embellishments may take place from time to time for dramatic effect and the listening pleasure of his audience).

The foregoing aside, James is deeply committed to conducting himself in an integral way and honoring those with whom he places his trust, while expecting the same in return. It is his mission to be a blessing to others in business and in every area of life.

Jake K Smith

Affiliate, USA, Los Angeles, VOW PPE

Jake has spent his most recent years as an NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor, working on over $100 Million in contracts. He has also worked as an independent business and marketing consultant in the medical world. Previously, he graduated with a degree in economics while playing football at The University of Arizona and a M.S. in Sport Management. Growing up in Philadelphia in a family of physicians he was exposed to the medical business from a young age. He is now advocating for physicians to capitalize on their maximum value just as he has done for athletes. Outside of the medical space, Jake has worked and consulted across a variety of verticals including hospitality, art, entertainment, fashion, sports, real estate and more.