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Timeshare News

The Pros of owning timeshare: There are many plus points for owning timeshare and holiday ownership. Investment in your future holidays and the benefit of fractional ownership

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New Hilton Grand Vacations destination in Hawaii: Work has begun at the new Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort Tower. Grand Islander Hilton Grand Vacations Club Tower. Buy Timeshares with Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

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Worldwide Timeshare Sales

Over the last 20 years Worldwide Timeshare Sales have increased at a rapid rate, out performing most areas of the Travel and Leisure Industry by a long way. Worldwide Timeshare Developer Sales for the year 1990 where $3.2 Billion and the number of timeshare owners was 1.53 Million. This has steadily grown at a rate of approximately 12% to Worldwide Timeshare Sales of $7.7 Billion and owner numbers of 5.3 Million. This provides solid evidence that the growth of timeshare through the 1990's was huge, and Worldwide Timeshare Sales are set to progress further through to 2010. As of 2002 Worldwide Timeshare Sales reached $9.4 Billion and timeshare owners numbered 6.7 Million.

Worldwide Timeshare Resorts

As worldwide timeshare sales has spiralled upwards the number of Timeshare Resorts Worldwide has followed. At the beginning of the 1990's the total number of Worldwide Timeshare Resorts was 2357. With the emergence of hotelier groups such as Marriott, Hilton and Disney into the timeshare sector, development of Worldwide Timeshare Resorts hit 5290 in 2000. .

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