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Timeshare News

The Pros of owning timeshare: There are many plus points for owning timeshare and holiday ownership. Investment in your future holidays and the benefit of fractional ownership

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New Hilton Grand Vacations destination in Hawaii: Work has begun at the new Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort Tower. Grand Islander Hilton Grand Vacations Club Tower. Buy Timeshares with Hilton Grand Vacations Club.

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Timeshare South Korea

Buy, Sell and Rent Timeshares for Sale in South Korea 

South Korea has come along way since the 50's with its development seemingly stuck on fast forward to help it become the modern technologically advanced country it is today. As the country's economy and global importance as a manufacturer has grown so has the country's tourism industry. Since the 1988 Seoul Olympics the western world's eyes have been open to what an astonishing country this really is.

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The capital and biggest tourist destination is Seoul. The city has a growing global reputation and is considered one of Asia's greatest cities. The modern city is packed full of great attractions from world class shopping districts to family friendly theme parks. Every where you look in Seoul you seem to be confronted by stunning modern glass skyscrapers that tower above the bustling city streets, but to get a glimpse of an older Korea you should visit Namsangol Hanok Village, a pretty village that features traditional Korean houses, a striking contrast to the modern buildings that surrounds it.

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For some family fun Everland is a must to see. The theme park is home to over 40 fun filled rides and includes a water park, race track, beautiful flower displays, gardens and a safari park featuring white tigers, lions, elephants and giraffes. The park is sure to be a hit with people of all ages.

Timeshare Rentals in South Korea

Few visitors to South Korea venture out of the cities in to the beautiful Korean countryside. While this is certainly bad news for those visitors its great news for you as you can enjoy all the countryside has to offer without the crowds. In the countryside you can visit tranquil temples, gaze upon picturesque mountains, visit ancient fishing villages, travel to unspoilt islands, and enjoy near endless hiking and walking opportunities. For something a little different why not take a DMZ tour. For those not up with their acronyms DMZ is the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Here you can visit Panmunjom the historic location that is the only place where North and South Korea hold talks; it is also the closets you can get to North Korea.

For a holiday destination quite unlike any other you need look no further than South Korea.

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